Out-of-bounds weapons glitches

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  W:A replay off-limits Super Sheep glitches.
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  W:A replay Super Sheep warparound glitch on an open map.
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If a Super Sheep or an Aqua Sheep, with the help of the Sheep Heaven scheme setting enabled, reached the height limit of a map's coordinate system, unexpected behaviours could occur, depending on the version in use. Note that reaching a map's width limit (960 "worm meters" beyond the visible area) always results in the weapon blowing up.

Up to (and not including) v3.6.28.0, reaching the game's height limits (3,072 "worm meters" beyond the visible area) generally resulted in wraparound in the water (a plop sound effect can be heard). CyberShadow's fix in v3.6.28.0 prevents the Super Sheep from going above those height limits.

The fix applied in v3.6.28.0 then exposed a couple of other bugs, which have been fixed in v3.6.30.0 by Deadcode (the sheep will simply blow up in both cases):

  • If a Super Sheep flew to the game's maximal height, then moved sideward (either on the left or on the right) until reaching a 3,212 "worm meters" distance beyond the visible area, then a powerful explosion will affect the whole map. According to Deadcode, this happens because its Euclidian distance from a given object on the map overflows from 32,767 pixels (3,276 "worm meters") to -32,768 pixels. An object that is a "negative distance" away is closer than it could ever possibly be, and thus results in a stronger explosion than if it were just 1 pixel away. If it's sufficiently far away then it will be a "negative distance" from everything.
  • In a game with either BattyRope or TestStuff enabled, if a Super Sheep flew for more than 2,000 "worm meters" above the visible area, then reached the coordinate system's maximal width on either side of the map, then as the Sheep explodes, Worms hanging from ropes and bungees will be detached from their utility and fall down. The required distance is lower for this to happen because, whereas an explosion is circle-shaped in most ways, regarding its rope-detaching effect it's "diamond" shaped (a 45-degree tilted square).

In v3.7.2.1, reaching the game's maximal height results in a crash, even when emulating older versions.

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