Opera Cloak

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One of your worms is soon for a sudden sinking, or sat on a barrel surrounded by explosives, the Enemy is closing in from all around, and without a quick escape, they are doomed.

Enter the Opera Cloak. Your worm spies the enemy hoping to take advantage of its predicament next turn, but it isn't going to happen! With a swish, your worm dons a top hat, cloak, and massive moustache, you then only need to select another worm who is not blocked by the terrain for your worm to vanish with a twirl and a puff of smoke, leaving them where you were standing, and you where they were!

This utility is a powerful game-changer and it needs to be decided if it ends your go like the teleport. Upon sighting (with a theatrical glare!) an enemy worm in a much better position than your own, you cause your worm to switch with their own. This would make a fantastic way to place an enemy in danger, or escape your own fate, and so would not be easily available, but it would be very handy!

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