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Developer: CyberShadow
Latest version: v1.x / 21 April, 2006
Supported games: W:A
Language: Delphi
Platform: Win32, Linux
Licence: Open-source

MyWormNET is a WormNET server software, which allows users to create their own WormNET-like servers.

The software has several limitations which do not allow to use it as a full replacement for the official WormNET server. Thus, it has no support for player logins and ranks, and has a hard-coded limit of only one channel.

MyWormNET is the first WormNET server software to have a built-in HTTP and IRC server. This allows for regular users to create a WormNET server without having to setup a separate IRC or HTTP server first - however, MyWormNET can be configured to interoperate with a 3rd-party IRC or HTTP server, should the user desire to use either.

A second version of the software (MyWormNET2) was planned, however was delayed (due to the almost-ready state of Byte's WormNET server), and eventually cancelled.

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