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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Mole Shopper game with Random00,
SPW, EviL and WilWil; taken from Worm Olympics
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Game setup
Mole Shopper:
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An island map consisting of a solid rectangular block of land (random holes will be generated when the map loads)
Examples at the WMDB
4 per team is recommended

The Mole Shopper scheme is a scheme where players must dig through the landscape, primarily using mole bombs, in order to collect their weapons. The most common landscapes are completely filled, with random holes turned on.

Players' initial weapons usually consist of infinite mole bombs, a few bungees, parachutes, girders, and may also contain a few drills and blowtorches. Weapon crates will drop every turn and they may contain super weapons.

Sometimes the landscapes are played as islands rather than caves, allowing people to walk on the top. To counteract this, strike weapons may have their power increased beyond the standard limits by using external scheme editors, to encourage players to hide.

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