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Mole Forts is a combination of Fort and Mole Shopper played on maps consisting of two separate islands.


In the beginning, each team must teleport its worms onto one of the forts. The starting team is usually the one that chooses the side they want to play on. Each fort belongs exactly a single team. The scheme can can be played in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 variants. The more players participate in the game, the more important cooperation inside individual forts is. The aim of the game is to create space for crates to randomly spawn on your side of the map, but at the same time keep your fort in good condition. As more crates appear throughout the game, the players get access to a huge variety of weapons. Players must generally expect everything from the hostile fort. Invasions of any kind are allowed, as long as all players start the game from the appropriate positions (1 fort = 1 team).


Experienced players will be familiar with the scheme's principle strategies:

  • Invasion following Uzi/Minigun/Handgun/Napalm - Some forts are often placed too far to be reached directly by using parachute. In order to climb enemy's fort you can shoot its surface with some dispersed bullets on the upper part of the walls. This would be your landing zone in case of Invasion with parachute. The exposed flaws on the wall enable you to stand on them and climb upwards. If the wind is helpful enough to make you reach this part of the wall, it will help you as well to get to the enemies and attack. Watch out for your time limit!! The single flight may take 25-30 seconds of your turn. Recommened for players who are totally acquainted with the use of parachute. The enemy may as well block the climbing area with a girder, if he feels insecure.
  • Arms Race - Turn your fort into your own military factory! Blow big parts of your fort in order to be the first who finds French Sheeps, Earthquake or Pasty's Magic Bullet. If you don't find a better use for Old Woman, blow it inside your own fort for more crates.
  • Invasion with Mole - This particular type of Invasion must be carried out when you travel to enemy's fort with your head facing the enemy. As you come closer to the walls than the distance of 1 long girder, throw a mole and let him dig your way into the fort. It will build the safe nest for your spy. You don't really need to hurry since you lose your turn within the mole being thrown. It's recommended for people whose "landing zones" were blocked with a girder. The invador who is hidden in the walls is usually not exposed to instant attacks from the enemy.
  • Granade Fireworks - You can try to destroy the roof of the enemy's fort and throw a lot of explosives inside. Sooner or later the enemies may have serious problems with reconstructing their base.
  • Bridge - Build at least 1 girder between the forts. Such a platform turns enemy's fort into easily accessible by using parachute. However, the wind may put your position in danger as well.
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