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Online Worms and Worms World Party Aqua only start if a memory-mapped file with the identifier "KG1234567890" is present. This file was most apparently created by an Mgame game launcher while the games were still online.

File format

The file consists of KS C 5601-1987 (Korean codepage 949) encoded strings in fixed-size buffers, with unused bytes being 0. The file size must be 1266 bytes.

Offset Length Name Description
0 16 Publisher Name Name of the publisher hosting the game, typically "MGAME".
16 20 Unknown
36 30 Encrypted Password See below on how to encrypt or decrypt it.
66 256 User ID Must start with "UID=".
322 30 Server IP IPv4 address in the form "".
352 914 Server Port Port under which the server listens for new connections.

Password encryption

The password is enciphered in the memory file. C# code to decipher and encipher it is documented and available in the Syroot.Worms repository, which also hosts a launcher and server simulation to play the games with.

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