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Scheme Editor
Developer: LeTotalKiller
Latest version: 1.1.0 - May 2nd, 2013
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.5 Beta 1+ (sch creation/edition); 3.0+ (sch upload)
Language: PHP
License: Source-available: [1]
Website: [2]

This is a web scheme editor for the W:A schemes, also compatible with RubberWorm features.

Main Features

  • Scheme Creation, of course. The existing logging system being French only, a password system has been put in place for safe scheme editing. (v0.1.0)
    • RubberWorm settings are shown in a separate section, so browsing on WKB which crate probability that has to be edited to have this or that setting enabled, or creating the scheme in several steps (external editing if any, creating an "online" offline game, typing commands, starting the game, extracting the scheme file from the resulting replay file) won't be necessary. (v0.1.0)
    • It is possible to choose whether or not to save the future scheme on the server. (In v0.1.0, they always were saved on the server; v1.1.0 added the ability to refuse that.)
    • It is possible to create a scheme based on the already existing ones in the database. (v1.1.0)
  • Upload a scheme, if the user already created a scheme and doesn't want to bother recreating it with the create scheme form. There again, there's a password system. (v0.3.0)
  • It is possible to edit a scheme after it has been uploaded or created. As mentioned above, there is a password system to prevent people from editing others' scheme. (v1.0.0)
  • A scheme list, so others' creations can be downloaded. (v0.4.0)
    • Scheme settings can also be previewed before downloading the scheme. (v0.7.0)
  • Ability to attach example replays to a scheme that is going to be uploaded to the database, or to an existing scheme in the database. They're then downloadable from the scheme list (after approval if the author decided that he has to approve replays first). (introduced in v0.5.0, improved in v0.6.0)

The editor is avaliable in English (since v0.1.0, and with minor improvements by Clown in v0.6.0a), French (since v0.1.0) and Dutch (partially since v1.0.2, with a translation by Piki1802).

Future Plans

This small web application has all features one would expect from a basic scheme editor. However here are features the author would like to add:

  • Give this editor a name.
  • A Logging System, different from the website's French-only one.
  • Scheme Comments.
  • Scheme Reviewing by an experimented staff (its members will have to be selected carefully) and Scheme Rating by users.
  • Possibly add some random generation (weapons only/game settings only/crates probabilities/single-setting/all?).
  • Possibly implement wkMagic and v3.0 compatibility (the latter already exists when uploading a scheme, but not when viewing, creating or editing one).
  • For a bigger to-do list, see the issues list on GitHub.

What Users Can Do

Users are welcome to:

  • Help in finding a name to this scheme editor.
  • Suggest a better design to the editor.
  • Contribute new translations: if someone wants to contribute one, he should contact LeTotalKiller on #worms, on WormNET, on Team17 forums or on TUS forums (the translation file has already been sent to four people to contribute Spanish, Hungarian, Dutch and German translations). He will then send the translation file.
  • Suggest features.
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