Jumping from Pneumatic Drill

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A demonstration of a jump from a pneumatic drill.
  W:A replay
A demonstration of a jump from a pneumatic drill.
Length: 00:00:34
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Jumping From Pneumatic Drill allows a worm to jump after drilling. It's much easier to do on indestructable terrain, because drilling will create a hole under the worm (the worm needs to be on solid ground to jump).

To perform this, select the Pneumatic Drill and press Space to start drilling. Before the drilling ends on its own, press Space and Enter (or Backspace) at the same time. If done correctly, the worm will jump as it stops drilling.

Note: drilling a worm into a hole will result in the enemy worm sliding about, thus when you stop drilling, your worm will be instantly knocked which prevents the jump from working.

This glitch is similar to the Teleport jump.

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