Indian rope trick

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This trick is only possible in Worms 2, and either old versions of Worms Armageddon, or Worms Armageddon with TestStuff enabled. It allows the player to fire the Ninja Rope in an angle not normally possible (typically, straight down). It uses the same basic idea as the Vertical Longbow and Baseball Bat.

To perform this trick, one needs to aim vertically down with another weapon, jump, and while in mid-air select the Ninja Rope (by pressing F8) and firing it. The game will not adjust your aiming angle while you're in mid-air, thus you'll fire at the angle you last aimed at.

If the player aims vertically down and performs this trick with a vertical jump (single Backspace tap), the Ninja Rope will be fired directly down. In this position, the player can safely expand or contract the Ninja Rope while maintaining a vertical angle.

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