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This trick, which dates from Worms 2, can only be pulled off if you have either Worms 2 or Worms Armageddon version TODO. This will also be reenabled as an option in a later version of WA. It is where you can reach high places using 1 ninja rope. You must also have another aimable weapon not on the F8 row, but this will not be used if done correctly.


You select the aimable weapon (eg shotgun, bazooka etc.). This must not be on the F8 row. Aim all the way down. Then press backspace (vertical jump), then QUICKLY press F8 (select ninja rope), then space (fire). Do this all before you land. This should hopefully shoot a ninja rope down to the ground. DO NOT PRESS LEFT OR RIGHT! Press down to elevate yourself, and up to descend.When you get above the cliff or whatever, press the arrow key in the direction of where the cliff is. If you have done this righjt, you should swing down onto the cliff.


Because there was a hole in the function that stops you from being able to shoot the ninja rope down, if you are jumping it retains the aim of the weapon. Omit the backspace and you'll see why this is important.

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