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If you've got an idea that fits in one sentence and need to put it somewhere before you forget it, and also can't be bothered to elaborate on it or make any meaningful analysis of it, add it to this list:

  1. An option to make the player in last place always have the next turn
  2. Play consecutive rounds on the same terrain, but with the damage intact.
  3. An option to play on a random terrain without being able to view it first.
  4. Option to make water rise rate relative to the number of surviving teams.
  5. Option for worms to pass through each other, so that they can't block each other in small tunnels.
  6. Option where if a worm drowns, it respawns in the last place it was standing and loses its turn.
  7. Option to disable backflip, to imitate Worms 2 schemes.
  8. Option to use Worms 2 rope physics.
  9. Option to have low gravity only affect worms but not weapons to imitate Worms 2's "highjump" cheat option.
  10. (Multi)layered maps with destructible and indestructible parts on the same map.
  11. Option to have the game end on certain conditions e.g. destruction of certain part of the map (-->CTF) or a worm reaching certain coordinates.
  12. Additional events that can be chosen for sudden death : earthquake, armageddon, W2 nuke (without sickness), damage*2, low gravity, crate shower,...
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