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: Downloads and uses a scheme from [http://wsdb.org/ WSDB].
: Downloads and uses a scheme from [http://wsdb.org/ WSDB].
: You must specify the scheme number (from the URL).
: You must specify the scheme number (from the URL).
* wsdb '''save'''
: Saves the current scheme to [http://wsdb.org/ WSDB].
* schemes
* schemes

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Forum thread on the development progress of HB


  • All commands are prefixed with !.
  • Use help <command> to get details on a command.
  • Parameters in <angular brackets> are required, those in [square brackets] are optional. | means "or" - A|B means "A or B".
  • Command use chat is not forwarded on to other players.


General commands

  • help [command]
Shows explanatory text like this, silly.
  • start
Starts the game when all players have lit up.
  • close
Closes the game - no more players will be able to join.
  • reopen
Reopens the game - allows more players to join.
(aliases: open)
  • kick <player name>
Remove the specified player from the game.
(aliases: boot)
  • version <name>
Sets the game version to use.
Valid game versions are:
* Normal
* Batty
* Fast (1.5x speed)
* Test

Team commands

  • worms [team number] <worm count>
Sets the number of worms.
If a team number is not specified, the count is set for all teams.
  • colour <team number> <colour>
Sets a team's ally colour (you only need to specify the first letter).
Valid colours are:
* Red
* Blue
* Green
* Yellow
* Magenta (aliases: Pink)
* Cyan
(aliases: color)
  • handicap [team number] <+|x|->
Sets a team's energy handicap.
If a team number is not specified, the handicap is set for all teams.
  • remove <team number>
Removes a team.
If a player is being disruptive it will probably be easier to !kick them.

Map/scheme commands

  • map [filter]
Selects a random map from the map pool, or generates a random landscape.
filter is a mask for colour maps, and the texture for generated maps (e.g. "Fruit" or "Cheese").
  • wmdb <map number>
Downloads and sends a map from WMDB.
You must specify the map number (from the URL).
  • wsdb <scheme number>
Downloads and uses a scheme from WSDB.
You must specify the scheme number (from the URL).
  • wsdb save
Saves the current scheme to WSDB.
  • schemes
Displays available schemes.
  • load <scheme name>
Loads a different game scheme.
  • reset
Resets the game scheme.

Game options

  • energy <number>
Sets worms' initial energy level.
(aliases: en, life)
  • rounds <number>
Sets the number of victories required to win the match.
(aliases: ro)
  • wormselect [on|off]
Toggles worm select.
(aliases: ws, select, sel)
  • teleport [on|off]
Toggles initial teleport.
(aliases: tp, tele)
  • artillery [on|off]
Toggles artillery (anchored) mode.
(aliases: an, anchor)
  • stockpiling <on|off|anti>
Sets stockpiling options:
* On (new ammo on each round)
* Off (restock ammo on each round)
* Anti (one set of ammo for the whole game)
(aliases: sp)
  • donorcards [on|off]
Toggles donor cards.
(aliases: dc, donor)
  • falldamage [on|off|<value>]
Toggles fall damage.
(aliases: fd, falldamage)

Time options

  • turntime <seconds>
Sets the turn time.
Use inf[inity] for infinite turn time.
(aliases: tt, turn)
  • roundtime <minutes>
Sets the round time in minutes.
(aliases: rt, round)
  • roundtime <seconds>s
Sets the round time in seconds.
(aliases: rt, round)
  • weaponretreat <seconds>
Sets the weapon retreat time in seconds.
(aliases: wr)
  • roperetreat <seconds>
Sets the rope retreat time in seconds.
(aliases: rr)
  • turndelay <seconds>
Sets the hotseat delay time in seconds.
(aliases: td, hotseatdelay, hotseat, hd)
  • showtime [on|off]
Toggles round time display.
(aliases: st)

Crate options

  • weaponcrates <percentage>
Sets chance of weapon crates.
(aliases: wc, weaponcrate)
  • utilitycrates <percentage>
Sets chance of utility crates.
(aliases: uc, utilitycrate)
  • healthcrates <percentage>
Sets chance of health crates.
(aliases: hc, healthcrates, healthcrate, firstaidcrates, firstaidcrate)
  • crateenergy <number>
Sets health gained from health crates.
(aliases: ce, firstaid, fa)

Object options

  • objects <number>
Sets number of mines/oil drums on terrain.
(aliases: ob)
  • drums <number>
Sets number of oil drums on terrain.
(aliases: oildrums, od)
  • mines <number>
Sets number of mines on terrain.
(aliases: mi)
  • dud [on|off]
Toggles dud mines.
  • fuse <seconds>
Sets mine fuse time.
Use ? for random.
(aliases: minefuse, mf)

Sudden death options

  • suddendeath <end|nuke|classic|none>
Sets sudden death mode:
* end (end game)
* nuke (nuclear strike)
* classic (classic (1 HP) mode)
* none (no action (no energy lost))
(aliases: sd)
  • waterrise <none|slow|medium|fast>
Sets sudden death water rise speed.
(aliases: water, rise)

General options

  • replay [on|off]
Toggles automatic replays.
  • blood [on|off]
Toggles blood mode.
(aliases: bl)
  • godmode [on|off]
Toggles god mode (invincible worms).
(aliases: gm, invworms, iw)
  • indland [on|off]
Toggles indestructible land.
(aliases: il)

Weapon options

  • teamweapons [on|off]
Toggles team special weapons.
(aliases: tw, playerweapons, pw)
  • superweapons [on|off]: Toggles super weapons.
(aliases: sw, super)
  • aquasheep [on|off]: Toggles Aqua Sheep.
(aliases: as, aqua)
  • sheepheaven [on|off]: Toggles Sheep Heaven.
(aliases: sh, sheep)
  • goldgrenade [on|off]: Toggles golden grenades.
(aliases: gg)
  • goldshotgun [on|off]: Toggles golden shotgun.
(aliases: gs)
  • goldbanana [on|off]: Toggles golden bananas.
(aliases: gb)
  • goldlongbow [on|off]: Toggles golden longbows.
(aliases: gl, goldbow)

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