Grenade Launcher

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The prototypical weapon which would become the Mortar from Worms 2 onwards. This weapon is effectively a propelled Cluster Bomb launched at high speed. It detonates upon impact with the landscape or an object. The Grenade Launcher's shells are generally more spread out and than those of its successor, and if used correctly this weapon will usually deal an average of 40-50hp damage.

Basic Facts

Weapon select code F2 x 3
Type Max-power propelled Cluster Bomb; detonate on impact
Damage at default setting 30hp initial detonation + 30hp max per cluster = 180hp total.


  • Ideal for use against a small group of enemy worms.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Due to the erratic nature of the clusters, and the fact that they spread out quite far, the Grenade Launcher is not optimal for close-range attacks.


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