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| language = C++
| language = C++
| license = MIT
| license = MIT
| download = Choose one
| website = [https://gitlab.com/Syroot/Worms GitLab repository]
* [https://gitlab.com/Syroot/Worms/uploads/6a8dc0d3d238cf5a52c7184c28e4e709/wsock32.dll FrontendKitWS DLL]
| download = [https://gitlab.com/Syroot/Worms/uploads/6a8dc0d3d238cf5a52c7184c28e4e709/wsock32.dll DLL]
* [https://gitlab.com/Syroot/Worms Source code]

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(Up to Software, WormKit)
icon FrontendKitWS
Developer: Pac-Man
Latest version: 1.0.0 / 12 July 2020
Supported games: W2
Language: C++
License: MIT
Website: GitLab repository
Download: DLL

FrontendKitDS is a WormKitDS-like module loader specifically made for changing the Worms 2 frontend as opposed to in-game logic.

It is required for patching the frontend as it does not load the WormKitDS dsound.dll library, which is why FrontendKitWS consists of wsock32.dll, a library only loaded by the frontend, giving it the "WS" suffix. This also prevents issues with WormKitDS modules unaware of having been loaded into the frontend rather than the in-game process.

FrontendKitDS modules use an fk file name prefix.


Click the DLL download link in the info box on the right, and place the downloaded wsock32.dll in your Worms 2 directory, besides frontend.exe. Then, download any Worms 2 frontend related modules and place them there aswell.

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