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icon FkNetcode
Developer: Pac-Man
Latest version: 1.0.0 / 12 July 2020
Supported games: W2 (1.05/1.07)
Language: C++
License: MIT
Website: GitLab repository
Download: DLL

fkNetcode is a FrontendKitWS module attempting to fix issues related for playing games online in Worms 2. It is primarily meant as an automated replacement for manually patching the game through the Worms 2 Memory Changer.


  • Replaces the external IP detection routine with a web service returning the actual external IP rather than the NAT IP. This is required to not only host games, but also make them work in-game.
  • Also allows patching in a hard-coded IP as in the Worms 2 Memory Changer and ignoring the web service.
  • Removes useless delays when connecting to the server.


An fkNetcode.ini file is automatically created, which allows configuring the module in the following sections:


Name Type Default Description
FallbackIP IPv4 IP which is used when the resolval via the web service fails. If none is provided, the original NAT routine is used.
ServiceUrl HTTP URL Link to an HTTP resource which must return the external IP as plain text. If none is provided, FallbackIP is used as described above.
ShowErrors Boolean 1 If enabled (1), displays errors which may have occurred during IP resolval in message boxes.
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