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You are probably reading this page because you have one or several problems with Worms Armageddon which cannot be resolved by conventional trouble-shooting, and is most likely due to an error or omission in the game's code. By the choice of one of the game's maintainers, you will receive a version of the game's executable (WA.exe) containing the latest fixes (and sometimes features), sometimes accompanied by other files required for the executable's proper function. From here on this version and included files will be referred to as an "Alpha version". If the situation requires it, sometimes the executable will contain special code with the purpose to help identify, gather additional information about or remedy the problems manifested. Every such version's EXE file shall be labeled with your screen name (usually your Team17 forum account name) and contain additional data (a "watermark") which would identify your version from any other. Some of this information can be accessed remotely via WormNET or in a network game, and may be saved in files created by the game.

Tester Agreement

In order to receive your custom-built Alpha version, you must agree to these terms:

  1. You must agree to the conditions of the External Beta Test License Agreement as well as the terms below.
  2. You must not distribute or make copies of the Alpha version (and any complementary files) outside the scope required by testing.
  3. You must not willingly disclose to third parties information pertaining the Alpha version and the contents of your communication with the maintainers pertaining the Alpha version, including the fact that you are is possession of an Alpha version.
  4. The only allowed usage scenarios of Alpha versions is:
    1. helping the developer assisting you to gather additional information about the problem or problems
    2. normal usage, only in the case when there is no fix or workaround of similar efficiency and availability present (there is no easily accessible workaround for your problems that fixes the problem at least as well as the fixes included in the Alpha version)
  5. Once the problems are resolved, via either:
    1. identifying the issue as not being a problem with the game, but rather a problem in the environment in which your copy of the game is installed, and resolving the issue
    2. finding and applying a work-around for your problem which allows normal usage with a publicly-released version
    3. release of a public generally-available update for the game or other software which includes a fix for your problem
you shall cease usage and delete all copies of received Alpha versions.
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