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When activated, this transport tool allows you to teleport each and every one of your worms, to new locations within one turn. The first worm to be teleported is the one who activates the Evacuation, then once teleported, the next worm in the team is selected for teleport and so on. The turn ends when the last worm is teleported.

This would not take much effort to program, it is already effectively available in Worms World Party, where several weapons can be used in the same turn. Select Worm, Teleport and the Wormpot mode which allows multi-use weapons is all that is needed to teleport as many worms as you like. More control would of course be needed to make this an easy-to-use transport utility.

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing sudden death strike, with water rising, and all your team at water's edge. And it's not just this situation; there are always occasions when you've been in a dilemma over which worm, should there be many in potentially fatal positions, to get to safety. This tool allows you to avoid all that and get them all to safety, perhaps at the frustration of the enemy instead. Furthermore, it has the more hostile capability of being used as an invasion tool, moving your entire team at once, rather than one at a time, into an enemy territory, giving them little chance of fighting off the invasion.

Finally, shopper-happy players will see this as a great tool for collecting crates when there are many scattered over the landscape.

Aesthetically, this tool is no different from the Teleport, so it has no reason to not make its way into the game.

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