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Duel Wield/Akimbo Guns is a utility that allows a worm on the team to carry two of the same weapon, regardless of what it is. For example, if a worm is carrying a handgun, then activates the utility, the worm will bring out a second handgun that he can fire. It would be a good idea to not make this utility common. If this idea were to be fully followed through you could for example throw two Holy Hand Grenades, which if done could potentially wipe out an entire fully healed team.

Issues with the Weapons & Utility

After originally writing this and publishing, I realized there was a slight issue with airstrikes, then melees, then I thought about a double parachute so I guess I'll address those. So let's think about it, how do you duel-wield an airstrike? Do you call them both at once? Or do you just call in one then get to call another? Also what about a close range weapon like the baseball bat or the fire punch? And what about the tools like the drill or the parachute? First the airstrike: simply you get to place down two airstrikes. It simply works like all the other weapons. Now what about the melee weapons or just generally anything close range? Well simply you can activate two fire punches. After activating your first one, if you wanted to, you can do another one mid-air. Baseball Bat acts similar. And for utility, utility doesn't work with the Duel Wield utility. It could be interesting but I think it should be exclusive to only just weapons.

Balancing out the Chaos

How can you "balance" out something so powerful? Well I had an idea, what if there was a way in a settings or game scheme options to change what weapons you can dual wield with? Or at least an option to turn off duel wielding Super Weapons? These two options can definitely benefit play and can make duel wielding not seem like instant death. But the first option should definitely make it clear what guns can be duel wielded. Like maybe if you have duel wield activated or hovering over the utility, all weapons that can be used with the utility in that match will have their icons turn blue. This also would definitely work with the second option. You could also just maybe slightly handicap the power of the weapons or just the damage in the options. Including all of these would be a good choice in making the Duel Wield utility not completely overpowered.

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