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{{IRC guide|#discworld|Rizon|irc://irc.rizon.net/discworld
{{IRC guide|#discworld|Rizon|irc://irc.rizon.net/discworld
|''irc.rizon.net'' - random GameSurge server}}
|''irc.rizon.net'' - random Rizon server}}

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The correct title of this article is #discworld on Rizon. The # is missing due to technical restrictions.

#discworld is an IRC channel located on the Rizon IRC network. It is an unofficial, unaffiliated community for casual weekend Worms series gameplay. Its community of regular visitors has existed together on various IRC channels since 2010. The channel was previously called #worms, but moved to #discworld in 2015.

Visit if you are casually interested in the game. Otherwise, try one of the other channels.

To connect to #discworld, you must have an IRC client installed on your computer. If you do, simply use it to connect to the Rizon network and join the channel, or try clicking the link below:


If nothing happened, or you get an error message, you will need to set up an IRC client manually. If you do not have the Rizon network server in your client's server list, here it is:

  • irc.rizon.net - random Rizon server

For a guide on how to locate, install and set up an IRC client, see Setting up an IRC client.

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