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This weapon works exactly like the Baseball Bat, with a few minor differences. The aim is restricted to a little above the horizontal, about the same as a Blowtorch aimed upwards. When activated, the Cricket Bat is swung and any worm in the way is batted into the distance, not quite with as much power as the Baseball Bat.

If the enemy worm covers a defined distance without hitting land, all the worms on your team are awarded 6 health points. If it hits land but still covers the distance, your worms are awarded 4 health points each. Finally, if the distance is not reached at all, your worms only get one health point each.

As an alternative, the 'defined distance' could be replaced simply by a water-kill. If the worm is hit straight into water, 6 points are awarded; if it lands in water hitting land en route... etc.

Given that this works in almost exactly the same way as Baseball Bat, only with a distance to calculate as well, programming it should be simplicity. Extra code would be needed for health manipulation, which is simple number crunching.

There isn't much to be said about this weapon concerning its strategy. It's pretty much a Baseball Bat, only with a health bonus.

Although only small, the health bonuses that come with this weapon make it more interesting and more likely to be useful. It also introduces a clever parallel with the scoring system of cricket.

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