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Confuse.png Confuse
Type: Utility
Keyboard selection: N/A
Standard effects: Enemy sees all worms with the same team color/name
Present in: None

Confuse is a utility that a player can use to force all enemy players to see all team colors in grey (even in the chat box), and all team and worm names will have the label of "?????", making it impossible for the enemy to decipher which worm belongs to which team. In addition to this, flags will be all black. All teams will be muted so the enemy cannot root out which team is which due to the soundbank selections. Lastly, no messages will appear up top giving away a worm's name.

When a player activates this utility, it will stay in effect for the duration of an enemy's turn that takes place after the utility activator's turn.


  • It's recommended that this utility be used when there are a lot of worms and/or teams in the game.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • If the enemy manages to memorize which worms belong to which team, this utility is rendered useless.
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