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I was thinking up so many ideas for Worms that I started to worry about how the editors would cope with the sheer number of options... so eventually I started to draw some concept images to see how it might work (and I might have gotten a little carried away). I was trying to design them to be efficient, not bulky, and, where I could find space, visual rather than numeric. The actual design is rather grey and dull, in fact rather ugly, and there's no background, but this is just concept stuff - just to show where things might go.


This shows all the options available for Generic Example Weapon, with some generic settings selected. The weapons panel on the left has nothing to do with the weapon itself; it's just there to select weapons for editing. And most of the whoosits in the top-right corner are to do with the editor, not the weapon.

There's actually some space left over which I'm not sure what to do with but for now I've filled it with brown text that identifies the panels. In the weapons panel there are some green and red blobs: I decided the best way to provide a visual representation is to show when the settings deviate from default. So red blobs mean the setting is higher/stronger/more than default, while green is lower/weaker/less/fewer than usual. In this way users can get an at-a-glance representation of how a weapon is abnormal in certain ways.

The numbers represent exact values (though in the above image they don't actually mean anything. I just made them up).


Here's the same page in Simple mode. The four settings available are Power, Crate Probability (relative), Ammunition and Delay. Same as Worms Armageddon.


This would be a Summary page (for listing every weapon against a particular quality) - like those in the Worms Armageddon editor. Graphical representations are important which is why there are some obscene colours there. Yellow means the setting is default for that weapon, Red means numerically more, Green means numerically less/fewer (black simply means the setting doesn't apply). And the numbers represent exact (but totally meaningless - it's just concept stuff) values.

The weapons are arranged according to type (see Contents, Weapons Suggestions).

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