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At first it sounds like the bite, but it works on a slightly different principle. When selected, your worm puts on a napkin and gets out a fork. When activated next to an enemy, at zero-range, your worm makes a quick meal of him by consuming him completely. But the enemy worm is not dead, he remains inside your worm until he has his turn, at which point your worm spits him out.

The enemy takes damage from the initial attack, and also loses health at a steady rate until he is spat out. Furthermore some of the health lost is added to your own, but the consumed worm is however protected from any damaging explosions and shots that your worm might take. And if your worm dies and explodes, the enemy worm will emerge victorious. Well, maybe not victorious, but he'll emerge. Yes.

This one is full of flaws and potential bugs. If the enemy worm is held 'inside' you worm, then everything that happens to your worm (except damage, as explained) must happen to his. So what about Freeze? Would using that on your worm prevent him from escaping when it's his turn? Also, what happens if the consumed worm loses all his health? A slightly less important thing to consider is how you would tell where the consumed worm was, where would his stats be displayed? This would be a very difficult weapon to program, I suspect.

This weapon does not hinder the enemy player's ability as such, as the player gains control of his consumed worm as soon as it's that worm's turn, so in effect the weapon is little more than a complicated poison. But, since the consumed enemy is 'inside' the worm, then he must travel where he travels. This could make for an easy kill if, for instance, the player were to drown his own worm and take the enemy worm down with it. However, such a feature is not particularly useful as you will absorb the enemy's health and probably end up with more health, making it not worth while for a suicide move.

This one is very much like the Bite, only a bit more complicated. The ability to 'move' an enemy player with such ease and control is never seen as a good thing in Worms, as part of the game involves hiding and positioning your worms in a strategically beneficial place, something which is destroyed if enemy worms can be moved about.

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