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** Renaming feature
** Renaming feature
** Sending private messages
** Sending private messages
** No /xxx text (eg /me Hi!)
* Bugs
* Bugs

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Caecilian screenshot
Developer: evilworm2
Latest version: 0.1 / 30 October, 2006
Supported games: W:A
Language: Java
Licence: Open source
Website: none
Download: Caecilian_alpha.jar (217 KB)

Caecilian is a program designed to chat in wormnet.

  • Features
    • Choose rank
    • Choose flag (not all supported yet)
    • Export chat to XHTML
    • Skin support
  • Since i stopped working on it at the moment, there are some features, which do NOT work
    • Ignore list
    • Renaming feature
    • Sending private messages
    • No /xxx text (eg /me Hi!)
  • Bugs
    • none known

Caecilian is written in Java and requires the latest Java Runtime Environment to run. You don't need to install Caecilian, it runs from any directory.

Note that it creates a file called "config.txt" upon the first start. Don't have a file called like this in the same directory. It will be overwritten.

Caecilian will be open source in the future. Note that the sources are not included in the download at the moment. If you like to have those, please send me a message.

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