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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example match of Bungee Race
with cArLOmBo, Alex and Balee
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Bungee Race is a bungee-based race scheme played by members of all three second-generation Worms games. On an ordinary map, players have to fly from chamber to chamber, using only bungee. Each of these chambers contain at least one place which the worm can climb on, then hang down from with bungee, and then try to gain enough horizontal and/or vertical velocity to fly to the next part.


  • Reach the spot labelled Finish, F, End, E, any other variatons of those words, or a spot that is obviously the end of the map with one worm in the shortest time possible.

Note: A short form to inform the host that you know the game is typing "STF" that means Start to Finish.

Standard rules

  • Players start by placing their worms on the spot labelled Start, S, Begin, or any other variation of those words.
  • Players must take the path intended to be taken by the author of the map. Sometimes, people agree that shortcuts are allowed if you are able to use them.


As most of the schemes contain infinite amount of mines or dynamites, these can be used to gain a few seconds at the end of the turn, which can come in handy if the worm almost reached the needed speed, and is one or two more bounces away from being able to fly to the next chamber. Mines tend to be low powered, while dynamites doesn't have explosion power at all, making them a completely harmless way to gain extra time.


There are maps that if you fail and fall from a bungee area, you will have to succeed the previous bungee area first to try the last bungee area you arrived again. This sometimes is very annoying and stressful, so many players prefer to use a scheme with infinite teleport, to teleport back to the last standing position. Also, the explosions may disturb you and your opponents, so the droppable weapon is being used without its explosion and land objects are set to none.


Bungee race was invented by Squiffel.

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