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This utility, when selected, allows your worm to deploy a bright yellow dinghy. It can of course only be deployed when your worm is next to the water, and will appear at the edge when it is. Your worm then autonomously jumps into the dinghy, and the dinghy can then be controlled by the left and right arrow keys, allowing the worm to float to other landmasses.

When the dinghy reaches land and cannot move any further, further pressing of the respective arrow key will cause your worm to jump onto the land (providing the land is suitably formed) and the dinghy is neatly packed away.

If the turn ends and the worm is still in the dinghy, it sinks with the worm in it. An alternative variation allows the worm to sit in the dinghy between turns; it acts as a temporary destructible landmass until the worm's turn again.

Programming the boat to move on water should be simple enough, but making the transition for the worm between land and water could prove tricky in certain situations, so clever AI will be needed to determine whether the worm can or can't depart. This utility would work better when water has varying depths, as the boat could then be activated when the worm is in shallow water. Water with varying depths is a concept not available in Worms as we know it but with the extra feature of land-water and fluid dynamics, something likely to be very complicated, it might be possible.

Compared with other transport options, this one is pretty inferior, and probably not worth using at all unless there really is no choice. Often, a worm is not faced with a large body of water to cross anyway. Yet if a more useful transport tool needs to be saved, the Boat can provide a 'cheap' alternative in the appropriate situation.

A dinghy, being a simple, toy-like and generally vulnerable object, would fit fairly well in the Worms environment. More so than a wooden boat, anyway. But it's inferiority to other transport tools may make it a tool hardly ever used.

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