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|150hp injury (max.), Very large crater
|About 100hp injury (max.), Large crater

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Blackbulleticon.png Black Bullet
Type: Projectile
Keyboard selection: N/A
Standard effects: About 100hp injury (max.), Large crater
Present in: None

The Black Bullet functions the same as the original Patsy's Magic Bullet, but does 1.5 times more damage, and will attempt to go to its target via water if it has no way of reaching a target above water, regardless the location of launch.

The Black Bullet can travel through the smallest places, and will almost never get confused. Unlike the Patsy's Magic Bullet, which explodes if flying too long, the Black Bullet will never do this. Instead, the Black Bullet will travel back to the worm that launched it in the first place, and blow that worm up instead of the selected target.

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