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A zero-range attack. Your worm takes a bite out of the opponent, inflicting damage and 'stealing' a portion of the enemy worm's health, either a percentage or fixed amount, and adding it to your own health level.

Programming this should be simple. Just a case of subtraction and addition.

This weapon is very simple and easy to execute with no real strategy other than "Shall I do this or shall I do something more worthwhile", so only a small amount of health should be stolen to prevent unnecessary abuse of this weapon.

Aesthetically, this weapon is not particularly impressive. No real window for sound effects, or even a moderately special animation. But 'stealing' health is a concept unheard of in Worms so far, and a weapon that does just that could make a welcome addition to the game's variety. Otherwise, the weapon is nothing special, as it does not move the worm or damage the terrain. All it does it manipulate health values.

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