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Bazookas and grenades (commonly referred to as "BnG") is a weapon-specific scheme played by members of all three second-generation Worms games.

Standard scheme

Weapon Quantity Power Turn delay Crate chance
Bazooka 3 0 N/A
Grenade 3 0 N/A
Firepunch 3 0 N/A
Blowtorch 4 3 0 N/A
Pneumatic Drill 4 3 0 N/A
Girder 4 3 0 N/A
Teleport 4 N/A 0 N/A
Low Gravity N/A N/A N/A
all others 0 N/A N/A N/A

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  • Kill all of the opponents' worms without losing all of your teams' worms.

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The bazookas and grenades scheme (more commonly reffered to as BnG) is unsurprisingly a scheme relient upon skills with bazookas and grenades. Teams commonly play on a randomly generated landscape and have artillery mode turned on, so that they cannot move. The weapons list consists almost exclusively of infinite bazookas and standard grenades, although it also comes with girders for bouncing grenades off of and occasionally a few other weapons such as a Holy Hand Grenade.

More serious players of the BnG scheme have developed a few additional rules that they obey in order to make it more challenging. They may include:

  • No straight bazookas - This rules states that the player must not fire bazookas in a straight line at a player, but instead always attempt to curl the bazooka using the wind.
  • No sitting grenades - Players attempt to time their grenades so that they do not sit next the target, but instead explode on impact. Throwing a 5 second grenade into a pit and letting it sit next to the target is highly frowned upon.
  • Attack the leader - Every player must aim for the current leader during their turn. You are not allowed to hit another player unless a worm belong to the currently winning team is hit also. The leader must aim for the person in second place. Occasionally people play with the ABL (All But Last) rule instead, where the currently losing player may not be hit unless another team can be hit also.

More common variations

Sheep BnG

A Sheep BnG follows similar rules, with the exception that a weapon crate drops every turn, and the 'all crates contain Sheep' cheat/WormPot mode is activated. Crates may be collected by teleporting onto them, but no sheep weapons may be used. The reason for the crates is that when a sheep-containing crate is destroyed, a sheep jumps out and blows up on contact with the landscape, making blowing up crates very deadly.

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