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KRD, Leske and Unique; taken from Worm Olympics
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Any open bulky single-island map, either random or artificial
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Bazooka and Grenades (or "BnG") is a very popular scheme in which players attempt to wipe each other out with a severely restricted set of weapons, of which only two are particularly useful for attacking: the bazooka and the grenade. The scheme is ancient; thought to have been spawned in the original Worms game where some missions featured only these two weapons.

The scheme is usually played on randomly-generated bulky open island maps. The game begins with players each placing their sole worm on the map, which more experienced players will often choose carefully. Artillery mode is switched on, so worms cannot move unless they use one of the few available tools. Terrain can often restrict the shots that can be made, so location is important.

The vast majority of the game is then spent exchanging bazooka shells and grenades. Players must compensate for the wind - or use it to their advantage - when firing bazookas; a skill that can be quickly picked up by new players. The ability to predict a grenade's bounce and accurately judge its fuse time is also an important skill. Experienced players can use these weapons with exceptional aptitude, and it is often said that BnG is the best scheme for honing skills with these two weapons.

A few other weapons and tools are usually available. A few girders are supplied, and most often used not for protection but for platforms on which grenades can be bounced. The blowtorch and pneumatic drill allow worms to move a small distance. Teleports are available for farther moves. Unlimited low gravity allows for low-gravity shots.


Most players agree to a set of rules which make the game more challenging by prohibiting shots that are seen as cheap or not in the spirit of the scheme. They are sometimes hard to enforce as they do not have strict definitions. BnG may be played with any number of rules, including none. The following is a list of known community rules.

  • No straight bazookas - Players must not fire bazookas directly at a player, instead attempting to curl the bazooka using the wind.
  • No sitting grenades - Players must attempt to time their grenades so that they do not come to a rest on the terrain. Throwing a 5-second grenade into a pit and letting it sit next to the target is considered a cheap shot.
  • Reaim before every shot - Players must not repeat the previous shot without reaiming first.
  • No darksiding - Players must not place worms in a position where it is impossible for that worm to hit an enemy worm with a grenade or be hit by an enemy worm's grenade. Only when both conditions apply is this rule broken.
  • Attack the leader - Players must aim for whichever opponent that has the most health. Injuring another team is forbidden unless the healthiest player is also injured in the same attack.
  • All but last - As an alternative to Attack the leader, players may attack any player except for whichever has the least health. The unhealthiest player may only be attacked if other players are also injured in the same attack.


Sheep BnG

A Sheep BnG follows similar rules, with the exception that a weapon crate drops every turn, and the 'all crates contain Sheep' cheat/WormPot mode is activated. Crates may be collected by teleporting onto them, but no sheep weapons may be used. The reason for the crates is that when a sheep-containing crate is destroyed, a sheep jumps out and blows up on contact with the landscape, making blowing up crates very deadly.

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