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Armageddonicon.png Armageddon
Type: Meteor Shower
Keyboard selection: F11 (x5)
Standard effects: Bad injury to worms, Heavily damaged landscape
Present in: W:A, WWP
Power settings
  • Power is uneditable.
  • Number of meteorites: ~100
  • Craters vary in size.
  • Maximum injury: 50 to 100 hp

The Armageddon is a very powerful super weapon. When it is used, a great amount of flaming meteors will fall out of the sky, heavily damaging the landscape and badly hurting worms that are hit. Worms that are out in the open are at the greatest risk for damage.

This weapon always destroys most of the landscape (if not all) in random generated island maps. On big maps dug worms can sometimes survive without a hit. It also most of the time kills all of the worms if no-one is dug in to the landscape. On rare occasions a worm standing in the open can survive with pure blind luck.

More worms are likely to survive depending on the number of the worms.


  • Before using the weapon, make sure you dig a worm or a two in the landscape to avoid a game draw. Beware, the enemy can also guess this and get his worm to safety.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Even if your Worms are well-covered, it's possible to kill some or all of your team with this weapon.
  • This weapon is viewed often as a last resort, as the game occasionally ends up to a draw when all worms die.
  • Using this weapon is blind luck: In multiplayer games the meteors never hit the same spot.
  • The weapon is a super weapon and so its chance of appearing in a crate follows the same rules as other super weapons.

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