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When options start to run out, why not get help from inter-planetary friends? When this weapon is selected, your worm will pull out nothing less than an alien-looking communication device, and speak nothing less than fluent gibberish into it, having targeted an enemy worm.

Moments later, a stereotypical spinning disc of a spaceship will enter stage right, abduct the terrestrial enemy and carry him off into the cosmos. The abductee is either never to return again, or comes back later on in the game at a random location, with lost health, or poison symptoms, after some nasty probing experiments.

It probably isn't worth the effort of programming the spaceship to navigate landscape, so it should probably stay at a fixed altitude above the maximum height of terrain, near cloud level. The targeted worm should then be caught in a stereotypical green beam of light, and is then either levitated into the spaceship or directly teleported. If the worm is to return, the game will be required to remember the worm and bring him back to a randomly selected location by the same means of his departure, and then inflict him with poison or deduct health.

This one is enough to make a strategist sick. Perhaps better if the alien spacecraft chose a worm at random, so there was a risk of losing your own worm. Or perhaps the strategy could be increased slightly if the weapon could only apply to worms on the surface, encouraging enemies to get under cover. Of course, enemies can't get to cover if the aliens arrive instantly, so maybe there would be a delay of one turn for every team before the alien ship actually arrives.

Every cartoon has aliens appearing in it at some point, so why not Worms? UFOs can be easily drawn under cartoon conditions, as they can be whatever the artist wants them to be, allowing them to integrate nicely into the Worms environment. With a disc-like shape, a green abduction beam, and a haunting alien sound effect to complete the package, this weapon should make an effective addition.

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