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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Abnormal game with Van, Orange & Darkmaul,
with a lucky ending from Darkmaul.
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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Abnormal game with Van & Darkmaul,
won by Darkmaul within just 2 turns.
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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Abnormal game with Van, Darkmaul & Dub-c played on a cavern map.
Dub-c and Van managed to kill their worms within 2 turns as well.
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Game setup
View scheme settings
Any open island map without bridges
8 per team in 1vs1, 6 per team in 2vs2

Abnormal is a particular scheme where players have to kill their own team off in order to win. It is based on Intermediate, the main differences being that the team weapon is replaced by two Mad Cows with a delay of two turns, and that three rounds are required to win a game.

Even though the idea may sound simple at first, the scheme can lead to interesting battles, as players will try and go for combos, especially thanks to the few Select Worms available. A round generally lasts from 4 to 6 minutes and random placement can often help a player winning, so the scheme is best played with several rounds as set in the scheme settings.


Keeping track of the turn order

Keeping track of the turn order in the team is capital for long-term strategies. It helps saving Select Worms for better occasions later in the game, or, if they already have been used, knowing the turn order helps finishing the game within as few turns as possible.

Having a team with numbered worms is useful for this.

Going for combo kills

This is what the scheme is about, really. Players have to try and use fewer turns than their opponents, so managing to kill from 3 to 5 worms within a single turn can make the difference. Useful combinations could be:

  • Piling several worms on the top of the map and throwing a Dynamite or releasing a Sheep on the left or on the right of the piled worms' heads.
  • Setting several worms for a kill with a Kamikaze, combined with Low Gravity if necessary.
  • Placing several worms at the bottom of the map, then using another worm which would fire a Homing Missile underwater, from Bungee or Parachute if necessary.

Select Worms and time are limits to these combo kills; this, players shouldn't risk an extra worm if they don't have time for it and/or if it costs them an extra Select Worm which could be saved, especially if that worm gets the next turn and could complete the combo kill during that turn.

If possible however, those combo kills should ideally leave players with a single worm rather than two, as a single worm can just suicide itself, giving only one turn for their opponent(s) to catch them up.

Suiciding after kills/hits

After killing or hitting other worms, the current worm should be able to suicide during the retreat time (3 seconds on the land, 5 on a utility) if it isn't possible to suicide it during the kill.

If possible, a weapon allowing two shots per turn (either Shotgun or Longbow) should be used: if a single shot allows completing the planned combo kill, the current worm has the remaining turn time to suicide, rather than just a few seconds of retreat time. Of course, this doesn't allow using utilities afterwards - if Low Gravity is required, then it should be enabled before the first shot, and the first shot should take it into account.

Using existing Mines

This strategy allows continuing a turn while killing a worm; it requires a Select Worm and, if necessary, Low Gravity.

If there is a mine near an edge or at the bottom of the map, the player can prepare a Select Worm, trigger the mine and place the worm appropriately for the kill, then trigger the Select Worm and select another worm before the mine explodes and kills the worm. The player can then set and/or execute a combo kill with the new worm, or even reuse this strategy if there is another mine in the same situation.

Last resort strategies

If no combo kills can be performed or prepared during a turn (for example if a worm is blocked), there are still minimal things to do:

Blocking the opponent(s)

If the current worm can be suicided easily afterwards, the player can block his opponent(s) with a Girder in order to prevent (or at least delay) his/their combo kills. The player then has to suicide during the retreat time (a Ninja Rope could be used to allow more retreat time).

Suiciding the current worm

If the worm is desperately blocked, players shouldn't forget about killing it. Using Suicide Bomber or teleporting into water can be useful for this.


The scheme has been created and promoted by van in early 2013, although the idea popped in NNN forums earlier, with a proposal by Bytor. The "Abnormal" name has been found by van.

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