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Game setup
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Any open island map without bridges
8 per team in 1vs1, 6 per team in 2vs2

Abnormal is a particular scheme where players have to kill their own team off in order to win. It is based on Intermediate, the main differences being that the team weapon is replaced by two Mad Cows with a delay of two turns, and that three rounds are required to win a game.

Even though the idea may sound simple at first, the scheme can lead to interesting battles, as players will try and go for combos, especially thanks to the few Select Worms available. A round generally lasts from 4 to 6 minutes and random placement can often help a player winning, so the scheme is best played with several rounds as set in the scheme settings.

The scheme has been created by van in early 2013, although the idea popped in NNN forums earlier - the "Abnormal" name has been found by van.

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