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DIY terrains (also called Landscapes) are custom terrain styles for WormsDC, which supports the creation of custom terrains that can be used for random map generation. They are stored in the "TWDIY" drawer.

DIY terrains must be converted from an IFF template (pictured right). The template is laid out as follows:

Ground Texture for solid terrain.
Background Texture for background terrain, revealed as ground texture is damaged (comparable to "soil" in W2/WA/WWP terrains).
Bridge Three sections - upward-sloped bridge, flat bridge, downward-sloped bridge. Only used for map generation - girders retain their standard appearance.
Grass Topsoil, place atop the generated landscape.
Shade Bottomsoil, placed underneath the generated landscape for definition.
Remaining spaces Objects which may be placed on the map, space-permitting.

Of these, the only box that absolutely must have something placed within it is the "Ground" box. Everything else can theoretically be left blank, although no bridge objects mean no bridges. Additionally, the "Ground" box cannot have any pixels using palette reference 0 (used for transparency) as this results in glitched maps.

The IFF template palette must contains the following colour references, as they are also used for other elements of the game:

  • 00 - Black or dark colour (transparency)
  • 01 - White or near-white (also used for sheep, worms' eyes, worms' name/HP font, and graves)
  • 02 - Pink (also used for worms' bodies and antialiasing on worms' name/HP font)
  • 03 - Any colour (also used for crates)
  • 04 - Lighter variant of 03 (also used for shading on crates)
  • 05 - Any colour (also used for mines)
  • 06 - Lighter variant of 05 (also used for shading on mines)
  • 07-15 - Any colours

As with colour maps, if you are using DeluxePaint you must not have the "Stencil" feature enabled when you save your template otherwise the game will crash.

Once the template is finished, it must be imported using WormPrefs' "Create Landscape" mode, where it will be converted into a usable .DIY file. Here it is possible to adjust gravity, friction, choose a Mountain set, adjust the sky colours, and select a type of water to use as well as adjust the water palette.

DIY terrains support names up to 10 characters in length, although longer names may be incompatible with the "cavern" modifier.

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