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Utility Crates drop from the heavens like Health and Weapon Crates, bestowing superb additional powers to your Worms. These special powers can be collected and instigated when the urge arises.

Collected Utilities appear in the top box under the weapons panel and are activated like weapons (i.e. highlight/click them and then press the SPACEBAR).

When they are in use, or active (some last for multiple rounds) then their relevant icons are displayed above the wind panel on-screen.

Collectable utilities


Lasts for a number of turns and allows Worms to walk over the land much quicker than before, excellent for long assaults and critical attacks.(Fast walk lasts for just one turn.)

Laser Target

(Note: This utility is called Laser Sight in game.)

This effect, which lasts for five turns, enables a Laser Sight on the following weapons; Uzi, Mini Gun, Hand Gun, Longbow, Kamikaze and Shotgun. This makes it much easier to judge your shots.(Laser Sight lasts for just one turn.)


This useful tool (only appears in network games) makes your team invisible (but not invincible) until their next turn. This item is especially handy for confusing your opponents. (Invisibility remains active until any damaging weapon is used—specifically, anything other than Girder, Girder Starter Pack, Prod, Freeze, Ninja Rope, Bungee, Parachute, Teleport, Select Worm, Skip Go, Surrender, and all utilities.)

Low Gravity

This incredible effect makes all your shots and movements susceptible to Low Gravity. This means super-long jumps and more besides!

Jet Pack

Use the ARROW keys to control vertical and rear thrusters as your Worm takes to the skies. Particularly useful to reach distant shores if you're short on Teleports and exceedingly useful if you wish to fly by and drop some Dynamite onto a bunch of Worms. Join the space age, get the Jet Pack!

Instant effect utilities

These utilities are activated immediately when collected.

Double Time

(Note: This utility is called Double Turn Time in game.)

Instantly doubles the amount of time remaining on the current turn.

Crate Shower

Randomly drops a few more crates onto the landscape.

Crate Spy

This effect, which lasts until the end of the round, allows the team to reveal the contents of any crates around the landscape.

Double Damage

(Note: This utility is called Damage x2 in game.)

Lasts for just a single turn and delivers double damage to any explosion that occurs. Mightily powerful and should be used with caution.

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