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On-screen Information

The game screen is full of useful information - the following explains what it all means!

Commentary panel

A full commentary appears at the top of the screen, giving full details of which Worm has been killed, whose move it is and which weapon has been selected.

Turn/round time indicator

Your Turn Time counts down at the bottom left of the screen. As an option, you can also have the Round Time displayed here (for full details see the Game Options section later in the manual). When it reaches zero, play passes to the next team.

The game will wait until everything has stopped moving (Mines, Worms etc) before it considers the turn complete.

Wind bar/background incidentals

There is a wind strength indicator at the bottom-right of the screen. The arrows indicate the strength and direction of the wind. The incidental images in the background also serve to give an indication of the wind direction, these can be set with the INSERT key.

Team status

The energy bars of each team playing are shown at the centre of the lower section of the screen. Status bars are removed from the screen when a team's energy is depleted and that team is knocked out.

Worm status

Worm names, team name and energy values appear above each Worm.


Enabled utilities (Double Damage, Crate Spy etc) will appear above the wind indicator in a small box when they are in use.

Weapons panel

When selecting a weapon, the panel slides in from the right of the screen. To remove it, you can right click or select a weapon.

Chat panel

In network games, a chat panel will slide onto the top of the screen, this can be removed with the PAGE UP key and recalled with the PAGE DOWN key.

Quit panel

When the player presses the ESCAPE key, the Quit Menu slides down from the top left of the screen. It can be removed with another press of ESCAPE.

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