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Worms Armageddon is the final chapter of the phenomenally successful WORMS series. It expands and stretches the Worms series to new heights, offering more features, weapons, options and hours of brilliantly crazy gameplay than ever before.

Worms Armageddon is a single or multiplayer game that blends no-holds-barred action, strategy and sheer outrageous fortune, meaning you can play for 20 minutes or 20 hours.

No game of Worms Armageddon is ever the same, making it endlessly entertaining.

Up to six teams can battle it out on the same machine, local network or via the Internet, making it the ideal party game. It doesn't matter how you play it, once you're hooked, you'll always come back for more!


Worms Armageddon is a turn-based strategy game, where teams battle across bizarre, randomly generated landscapes or finely crafted custom designed levels.

Each team takes it in turn to pick off the opposing teams, using crazy weapons, tools and other utilities they may have discovered to inflict whatever foul strategies they can conjure.

Worms die when they lose all of their energy or drown in the murky depths. The winning team is the one that manages to survive the mayhem and have Worms left standing!

Turn-based system

Players have a set time in which to make a move before the game automatically switches to the next team. During this period, you can select which Worm to use (unless you only have one Worm or are playing with WORMSELECT disabled) and either let its arsenal loose on the enemy or move the Worm into safer territory.


In addition to the time limit for each turn (an option that you can change), each battle has an overall time limit before "Sudden Death" extra time is called. There are a number of options you can change for "Sudden Death" , including having the water level gradually rise, making high territory even more strategic, having all Worms energy reduced to 1 or gradually drain it over time.


Each time you play Worms Armageddon the game is completely different.

Worms and mines are randomly placed on billions of possible landscapes, providing you with endless playing opportunities.

Why not play around with the fabulous landscape editor to custom design your own cool landscapes?

Worms and weapons

Each team of Worms has an arsenal of devastating weapons at their disposal. Some of these weapons will be limited in supply so you will have to use strategy to achieve maximum carnage.

There are a wide variety of weapons available. For full details about weapons and their usage, see the Weapon Usage section later in this manual.


These add a whole new element to Worms Armageddon. Utility crates drop from the sky, offering features to enhance the player's turn. These can be saved and used later, while some are used from the moment they are collected.

Donor cards

When the last member of a team dies and that team held any utilities or special weapons, a DONOR CARD is left. Any Worm collecting this card collects the special goodies left behind!


Worms Armageddon can be played in many different ways - some players opt for wanton destruction, while others play it safe, and there are those that are so underhanded that they have vengeance wreaked upon them at every opportunity!

Those who resort to hiding their Worms away and playing a very defensive game, have turned to the "Dark Side" of Worms playing and must be slain, so keep on your toes and tails!

You will have to adapt your strategy to the weapons available, the landscape you're playing on and to each new opponent you play.

Worms Armageddon allows for even more strategy than before in that each team can now select a special weapon to take into battle. The selection of this weapon or utility seriously affects the potential outcome, so do choose wisely!

On your own, or in a group

Worms Armageddon features Single Player Missions for the lone player, pitting your skills against crack computer teams and a variety of intriguing Training games, where you can practice key skills, gain rankings, medals and some other goodies for extra-special performances.

Multiplay is popular on a single computer or via a local network, but the ultimate Worming experience is playing via WORMNET, pitting your Wormy skills against players from the four corners of the globe - let battle commence!

For details of INTERNET PLAY see the section entitled WORMNET.

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