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Installation of Worms Armageddon

Thank you for purchasing Worms Armageddon. This documentation comprises a feature overview, play hints, weapons guide and much, much more.

It is recommended to print out this manual as a quick point of reference. This will be a useful resource during play for weapons values and gameplay tactics.

If you're a Worms veteran then welcome back! We think you'll enjoy all of the enhancements and extra goodies we've added into Worms Armageddon, especially the new improved online WORMNET play.

When Worms Armageddon has successfully been installed, a Team17 group will be included in the Program group within your Start Menu and the Worms Armageddon game icon will be placed in here, along with the utilities, the latest documentation and uninstall icons.

Uninstalling Worms Armageddon

To uninstall Worms Armageddon, select the Start Menu, select the Team17 group and UNINSTALL WORMS ARMAGEDDON. This will remove the game from your system. Please note that any additional files added or created after installation will not be removed and will have to be removed manually.

Latest documentation

Software is continually improved throughout all stages of development wherever possible to ensure the finest quality gaming experience. We advise players to read this document for any last minute changes or additions that are not reflected in this manual. The document will also be installed within the Team17 Program group.

Starting Worms Armageddon

Ensure the game is successfully installed.
Ensure that your system meets correct hardware and software requirements.
Click Start and select Team17 from the Programs Menu.
Click on Worms Armageddon, the game will run and play.

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