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Developer: Masta
Latest version: 01 September 2021
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.8.1
Language: C++
Download: [1]

wkRandomMaps is a module that allows users to pick random maps from SavedLevels folder.

F1 -> Select the default scheme from wkRandomMaps.ini. Select scheme + F1 -> Set a scheme. A scheme must be set before a random map can be selected with F2. F2 -> Select a random map from a folder with the same name as the scheme. E.g. a scheme Roper.wsc must have a corresponding savedlevels/Roper folder. CTRL + F2 -> Select the previously selected map. Write the name of a map author in the scheme selector + F2 -> Select a random map by the author. savedlevels/[scheme]/[author]

Change RenameWindow to 0 in wkMultiInstance.ini to use the module with wkMultiInstance.


  • Download the archive.
  • Extract the archive's contents into the game's installation directory.
  • Ensure that "Load WormKit modules" in the Advanced options section of the game is enabled.
  • If not already installed - Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017/2019 Redistributable Package or MSVCP140.DLL and VCRUNTIME140.DLL.
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