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Editing this wiki - tips

Hi, I've seen you are willing to work on improving this wiki, which is a good thing.

However I'd like to give you some tips about wiki editing:

  • Describe your edits in the text zone above the "minor edit" checkbox. For example, if you fixed a typo, type "Fixed a typo" or "Typo fix" in that text field. That way, other wiki editors will know what you did in an article without having to compare the article before and after your edit.
  • Do not use "you" (or "I") in articles; I know some people do it too, but this is a bad practice - you're not talking to the readers directly, you're only informing them about something. Try to use 3rd-person formulations (e.g. "the player has to ..." rather than "you have to ...") and impersonal formulations (e.g. "X will be shown" rahter than "you will see X").
  • Place your additions appropriately in the article. For example, on the Double Turn Time article, you've added "However, you have double time to think more strategy shots" after a sentence explaining how Double Turn Time utility is cumulated; it should have been added to the first sentence, which describes the utility in general, or maybe in a new paragraph. The "however" isn't appropriate either: "however" is a link word introducing an opposition compared to what has been said before. There isn't any opposition between the fact the utility is cumulative and the fact it can be used for more planning, is there?
  • Improve your grammar. It doesn't need to be sophisticated (my grammar isn't perfect at all), it only needs to be understandable and without basic mistakes; if necessary, ask a native English speaker to reword what you want to say before editing.
  • Discuss your edits before applying them. Ask some other people if they think your ideas are worth being added to the wiki; and before asking, think if you find them relevant yourself. For example, Homing Air Strike being able to knock mines isn't relevant, because that weapon can kill worms directly in most circumstances, while a mine only deals about 50 points of damage (half of a 100 HP worm's health only); plus, the positioning required is too rare for that tactic to work.

Hoping I helped you out. --LeTotalKiller 11:56, 3 July 2013 (CEST)

Hi, thank you for taking the time to contribute to this wiki. Although the effort is appreciated, many of your edits appear to be inaccurate, confusing or even factually incorrect. Before editing articles, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the subject at hand. Also, please do not revert edits by senior wiki contributors (without reaching a consensus on the talk page first), as they have more experience with the games and the wiki than you.

I am going to undo some of your edits now. In the future, please mind the above to keep your contributions constructive, or you may be restricted from editing this wiki. --Vladimir 14:46, 4 July 2013 (CEST)

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