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Hi everyone, my name is " Richard Andrew Evans " and you can find me with that name on the IMDB.COM Internet movie database. My life is all about the entertainment industry, especially digital media, TV and Movie screens including of course, acting and creating music, as some of you have heard my music and seen my maps for this game, just a small sample of my artistic talents, some of which originated on paper, then scanned then modified with paint shop pro or adobe photo shop and xnview and a multitude of other software I use over the years.

I live in Texas not far from Dallas, I am happy to live wherever my career takes me and ultimately just want to become a known figure on TV and internet and ideally in the news ( TV and newspapers of course, not just internet news ) and really become that special " British person in the USA "

Whomever can help me get there, I want to reward handsomely, as the rewards come my way.

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