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(Up to People)

He grew up in Hungary, Érd, born in 1988. His real name is Gyuri. He lives in Budapest now.

Started playing W:A online in the spring of 2008, and joined nW one year later. He had been in a fee other clans as well, like eS, for a bit.

After beating ZiPpO in BnG in an early TUS game, he decided that it will be his favorite scheme. He had gotten an invitation to b2b in late 2010, which he gladly accepted.

He likes building/riding/servicing his bicycle(s), taking photos, playing music (3-stringed viola) and bouldering. He loves to travel, but lacking time and money, he collects nature documentary movies. His favorite beer is IPA.

You can find him on IRC in #worms and #b2b.

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