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To connect to {{{1}}}, you must have an IRC client installed on your computer. If you do, simply use it to connect to the {{{2}}} network and join the channel, or try clicking the link below:


If nothing happened, or you get an error message, you will need to set up an IRC client manually. If you do not have the {{{2}}} network server in your client's server list, here it is:

  • {{{4}}}

For a guide on how to locate, install and set up an IRC client, see Setting up an IRC client.

Template info

This template is a guide of how to connect to a specific IRC channel. It is used in articles about IRC channels.


# Description Example input
1 IRC channel name #worms
2 Server name GameSurge
3 Channel link irc://irc.gamesurge.net/worms
4–10 The servers' URL and desciption irc.gamesurge.net - random GameSurge server


To subst this template, use this:

{{subst:IRC guide|subst=subst:|parameters...}}
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