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{{Cquote}} (for Centered pull-quote) is a template meant for pull-quotes, which stand apart from the text of a page.

  • NOTE: This template should not be used for block quotations in article text. For long quotations in the text, the wikipedia Manual of Style recommends using the HTML <blockquote> element.
  • Pull-quotes work best when used with short quotes, and at the start or end of a section, to help emphasize the content of the section.


  1. {{cquote|quote text}}
  2. {{cquote|quote text|author or speaker AND/OR title of article, speech, book, etc.}}

Only the first parameter is required.

Note: if the quote text contains one or more "=" (equal signs), then the template must be called as {{cquote|1=quote text}} (see "Equals sign in parameter value")

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