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I can't guarantee that these are correct, so I'm placing them here for now.

They've all come from this thread, and I believe the forum eventually deletes really old threads, so I thought it would be better to keep them somewhere more permanent. Contributors (in no particular order) are thomasp, Glenn, and Lawd.

"XXX turned a strange yellow clour" means that the worm mentioned was a coward, or always skipped their go.

"Nasa greets worm XXX who flew high for YYY" means that this worm flew a long way.

The Worm Who Said Nothing At All award goes to a worm that skipped EVERY turn, and i think he has to survive too...

(Team) wasn't very good at all, means the team surrendered before or during their first turn.

Darksider awards - (Hail to [Team] masters of the darkside, and [Worm] has turned to the darkside) both tell you who did the most hiding during the match (i.e. dug a huge hole with a drill, used the blowtorch to hide underground, etc).

Happy shopper award - worm picked up alot of crates.

Florence Nightingale's hot water bottle award - worm got alot of health crates

"Dr. Dolittle award": That means your team uses animals (sheep, cows, etc) a lot

Entertainment award - worm did several entertaining things (mastery of the ninja rope is the easiest way to get this...).

Sniping Awards - worm hit its target successively and most of the time (this includes droping mines). Must shoot x number of times to get it (I don't know how many).

You get the "Big Billy's Circus" Award for using the rope a lot

--Melon 07:04, 15 February 2008 (MST)

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