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What about adding the patch readme here as a reference? I copy it here if you want to:

WORMS2 V1.05	APRIL 1998

V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y

Version 1.05

Minor update.

Bug fix concerning some reported problems of the music not playing in game.
Bug fix to some icons which went AWOL in version 1.04
Additional modifications to CD location code (affecting machines reporting volume names in mixed case).

This version is code/server compatible with version 1.04

Version 1.04

2nd Major update, released April 1998.

Improvements to connection code (please note that due to the nature of the internet and some issues with Direct Play, it will be difficult to solve ALL connection problems).
Bug fix regarding the CD identification.
Bug fix regarding the Menu system crashing.
Removal of debug code left in from V1.01 (Including some flag code)
New server code.

Version 1.03
Version 1.02

Not released. Internal test versions.

Version 1.01


Modification to Cluster Code to prevent Cluster Bomb 'abuse'. Fixes problem of Clusters exploding at once, thus killing a Worm in a single go.  Works for all cluster-based weapons (Clusters, Banana Bomb, Mortar Etc).
Modifications to Direct Play hook-up code. Improves connection reliability.
Additional Connection panel on connecting to game via Internet. Informs you which users are connected (GREEN) or not connected (RED).
Improved time-out period in network play.
Additional "WAITING FOR PLAYERS" message on game start. This appears until all players have entered the game-logic loop. Currently, it may appear that all players have 'started' whilst in fact you may be waiting for one machine to load & start. (This is due to the initial connection being done prior to the game actually 
loading up, a slow machine may take some time).
Some minor code fixes.
It's now impossible to fire the Mortar directly upwards. This is to prevent abuse as exhibited by a number of lily-livered players!
Improved network hook-up code. More reliable over LAN and INTERNET.
Addition of Flags for nationalities when playing over the Internet. Flags are automatically detected but can be over-ridden. Shows flag for source of hosted game and nationality of players. Team17 players have their own flag :)
Addition of 'Load Bitmap' into landscape editor. Includes auto-scale function. Template provided, but should take most bitmaps. Note that the editor only imports the graphics as mono (black and white).
Number of people in room added to server lobby.
Server lobby redesigned/made simpler.
Left clicking on a terrain thumbnail auto-generates a new terrain of that type 
(i.e. OPEN or CAVERN) right click takes you to the landscape editor (unless you are not hosting a game). 
Note that this will not work with any user-defined levels.
Many code fixes & modifications.
'Egg Timer' added to all server related processing.
Improved Server Code - more reliable/stable.
Added option to play with mines or Oil Drums (option screen).
Added 'Language Filter' (filters profanity) on incoming text (video options).
Added INVERT TERRAIN to landscape editor. This flips the terrain converting sky to ground and vice versa. This has a side of effect of changing the landscape to a 'user defined level' but this can't be helped. (Means that it is slower to transmit during a net game).
Modified some of default settings (i.e. 4 player net games by default, with 1 victory to win the match - these can still be over-ridden).
Modified time-out & connection timings in network connections.

Version 1.0

Released November 1997
EUROPEAN MULTI-LINGUAL EDITION (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian)

Released Jan 1998
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