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This scheme has been removed from the Schemes page because it was deemed that it wasn't notable enough. If you think this scheme deserves to be added back to the Schemes page, please provide examples of it being played online on the talk page.

The essence of the Swimmer scheme is that no matter where you place your worm on the map it is always in danger of being blasted into the water.


The weapons consist of dynamite, petrol, mines and grenades as well as the usual rope and parachute combo. Turntimes last for a short 25 seconds and before you attack you must pick up a health pack using the rope. Players must adhere to the rules attack from rope and no ropeknocking. Eight worms is recommended per team although double teams can be used if more are required.

A half decent roper will not have any trouble with picking up a health pack and then attacking, however the real strategy comes into play when deciding how to attack. When killing an enemy worm you must ensure that one of your own worms won’t also die, which can be tricky on a map that is crowded with worms. Games are often won by killing multiple enemy worms in one amazing shot. This is often done using a well placed petrol bomb that sprays out with the wind or a well placed dynamite that starts a chain reaction of worms knocking into each other.

Another important part of the game is placing your worms in some of the safer places on the map at the start of the game. The maps used in swimmers consist of lots of small pieces of land placed all over the map. It is important that nowhere on the map is a worm safe from falling into the water. The maps are indestructible, fairly open and have a few ledges along the top to make it easy to navigate around via rope. Often one of the best places to put your worm is up the top of the map because it can be difficult to drop a weapon up there and also a worm falling down may land on a ledge below.

The game is won by the last worm standing.


Variations on the swimmer theme include:

  • Invisibility
  • Low gravity untilities
  • Added weapons such as aqua sheep
  • Sudden death water rise
  • 16 worms per team
  • Random worm placement
  • 10 second turn time
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