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Worms Armageddon is available on Steam. Originally, it was released for a limited time (September 13, 2012 — October 10, 2012) as the preorder bonus of Worms Revolution.

This version does not require a CD (all relevant CD files are read from the game's installation directory instead), however certain content has been removed or renamed.

The game executable requires Steam to be running (and will start it if it is not). When a compatible (Direct3D-based) rendering API is selected, the Steam overlay is available. There are currently no other Steam integration features.

Differences from the CD versions

Omitted soundbanks:

Assuming a Worms Armageddon CD is available, these soundbanks can be restored by copying them into the DATA\User\Speech directory.

Other changes:

  • The Microprose logo from the intro was removed.
  • The fanfare "Pervo Laugh" was renamed to "Crazy Laugh".
  • The Iraqi team flag was updated.
  • The "Aphex" flag (based on musician Aphex Twin's logo) from the original CD release of Worms Armageddon was removed, possibly due to copyright issues.
  • Additionally, other flags like "Kamikaze" have been removed.
  • The "Euthanasia" training was renamed to "Advanced Weapons Training".
  • A digital copy of the manual is included in PDF form. The errors listed in the manual errata are still present.
  • The Steam release includes an empty steam.dat file. The Steam version of WA.exe will not start unless this file is present. Third-party software can check for the presence of this file to identify the Steam version.

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