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File list
Date Name Thumbnail Size Description Versions
23:54, 29 August 2013 Darts turn.gif (file) 73 KB Example Darts turn. 1
12:21, 6 July 2013 Pre- Super Sheep wraparound bug.WAgame (file) 13 KB Super Sheep wraparound to the water when reaching the game's height limit (before 1
12:10, 6 July 2013 ( Far away Super Sheep glitches.WAgame (file) 145 KB Commented replay showing glitches mentioned in the Out-of-bounds weapons glitches article for versions 1
11:38, 26 June 2013 Abnormal Using Existing Mines 1min42s.WAgame (file) 64 KB Illustrates the "Using existing Mines" strategy explained in the Abnormal article. Also shows an unoptimally used retreat time, as the playing worm wasn't killed. 1
23:53, 25 June 2013 Abnormal Example Replay 3.WAgame (file) 43 KB Played on a cavern map. Dub-c and Van killed their worms within just 2 turns. 1
23:48, 25 June 2013 Abnormal Example Replay 2.WAgame (file) 28 KB A game won within just 2 turns by Darkmaul. 1
23:46, 25 June 2013 Abnormal Example Replay 1.WAgame (file) 61 KB With a lucky ending from Darkmaul. 1
22:55, 25 June 2013 Abnormal.wsc (file)
Game options
Hot-seat time5 seconds
Retreat time3 seconds
Rope retreat time5 seconds
Display total round timeNo
Automatic replaysYes
Fall damage×1
Artillery modeNo
Stockpiling modeDisabled
Worm select at turn startNo
Round end styleDrop energy to 1
Sudden death water rise20 pixels/turn
Weapon crate probability0%
Donor cardsNo
Health crate probability0%
Health crate energy25
Utility crate probability0%
Hazardous objects8 × Mines & oil drums
Mine delay3 seconds
Dud minesNo
Manual worm placementNo
Initial worm energy100
Turn time45 seconds
Round time15 minutes
Number of rounds3
Blood enabledYes
Aqua sheepNo
Sheep heavenNo
Indestructable wormsNo
Indestructable landNo
Upgraded grenadeNo
Upgraded shotgunNo
Upgraded bananaNo
Upgraded longbowNo
Player weapons enabledNo
Super weapons enabledYes
Weapon options
WeaponAmmoPowerDelayCrate probability
Bazooka★★★0 turns0%
Homing missile1★★★1 turn1%
Mortar5★★0 turns1%
Grenade★★★0 turns1%
Cluster bomb3★★0 turns1%
Skunk1★★★2 turns1%
Petrol bomb2★★★0 turns1%
Banana bomb0★★★0 turns1%
Handgun★★★0 turns0%
Shotgun★★★0 turns0%
Uzi★★★0 turns0%
Minigun0★★★0 turns2%
Longbow2★★★0 turns1%
Airstrike1★★★5 turns1%
Napalm strike1★★★7 turns1%
Mine2★★★0 turns1%
Fire punch★★★0 turns0%
Dragonball★★★0 turns0%
Kamikaze1★★★0 turns0%
Prod★★★0 turns0%
Axe2★★★0 turns1%
Blowtorch3★★★0 turns1%
Drill3★★★0 turns1%
Girder3★★★0 turns1%
Ninja rope5★★★0 turns1%
Parachute20 turns1%
Bungee rope20 turns1%
Teleport20 turns1%
Dynamite1★★★0 turns1%
Sheep1★★★0 turns1%
Baseball bat1★★★0 turns1%
Flame thrower0★★★0 turns2%
Homing pigeon0★★★0 turns2%
Mad cow2★★★2 turns2%
Holy hand-grenade0★★★0 turns2%
Old woman0★★★0 turns2%
Sheep launcher0★★★0 turns2%
Super sheep0★★★0 turns2%
Mole bomb0★★★0 turns2%
Jet pack12 turns0%
Low gravity10 turns0%
Select worm30 turns0%
Suicide bomber10 turns0%
297 bytes Abnormal scheme file. 1
21:26, 24 June 2013 Mission 22 walkthrough.WAgame (file) 32 KB A commented walkthrough of mission 22. 1
17:16, 24 June 2013 Cheat unlocked.png (file) 3 KB Icon that would be used in the Mission walkthrough (Worms Armageddon) article. 1
21:58, 6 May 2013 Mission 15 walkthrough.WAgame (file) 25 KB A commented walkthrough of mission 15. 1
21:50, 6 May 2013 Mission 6 walkthrough.WAgame (file) 39 KB A commented walkthrough of mission 6. 1
11:54, 14 October 2012 Mission 18 walkthrough.WAgame (file) 40 KB A commented walkthrough of mission 18. 1
11:33, 14 October 2012 Mission 23 walkthrough.WAgame (file) 33 KB A commented walkthrough of mission 23. 1
16:02, 13 October 2012 Mission 33 walkthrough.WAgame (file) 31 KB A commented walkthrough of mission 33. 1
21:52, 12 October 2012 Mission 21 walkthrough.WAgame (file) 36 KB A commented walkthrough of mission 21. 1
15:49, 3 October 2012 Friction255.WAgame (file) 17 KB An example mission where the friction value has been set to 255, and where that causes a problem because a worm doesn't stop sliding. The problem kicks in the third turn (approx. 00:30). 1
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